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The Proposed APC NEC/NWC Meeting on March 17, 2020: Options before President Buhari, VP Osinbajo, Senate President, Speaker House of Reps, APC Governors, NEC/NWC Members

Alex Eyangho

1. Stay away from the proposed unconstitutional NEC/NWC meeting to douse manifest tensions in the party. In any case, there are two High court judgements for and against the proposed meeting. Let’s err only on the side of the law.

2. Since there are two High court judgements for and against Oshiomhole’s remain in office, wait for the appeal court to pronounce on the matter. Thereafter, a proper NEC/NWC meeting should be convened.

3. Caution FEC members and other Governors heating up the system at the national level and Edo State.

4. Plan immediately for a mid-term APC Congress to reaffirm or jettison the National Chairman as enshrined in the Constitution.

5. Give authority to the appointments of Ajumobi, Bulama and the National Auditor as NEC/NWC members.

6. Failure to toe this path may lead to the avoidable implosion of the party, long before 2023. It is like pressing the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) button!

My name is Alex Eyengho (APC member, Delta State).

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