Tue. Mar 31st, 2020


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The CEO of CK Bar Ikomi Road by ICE Marked Her Birthday and This is What His Brother has to Say; Isn’t This Lovely?

👸When I look at you all I see is a blessing from above to us the Omaghomis, our oyinbo in the house, Nene Ogho, Nene Oma, Nene darije, Nene Darimo as Daddy fondly call you. While I usually call you my small mama and Itsekiri Finest👸….yes that is it for no other contest in the whole of Warri Kingdom and beyond🌍🔭. You have also never failed in standing to represent our mum in her absence a role you have played so well as you are the exact copy of mum in beauty and a heart of gold.
Olomu descendant from Ebrohimi/Koko and from the Royal👸 Descendant of Bateren you rock.
Lest I forget she is also popularly know as CK d Boss Lady yes don’t tell her I told ……but Business CK Bar🍻🍺 has spread the name more than I did, so I think I won’t be queried anyways
So stop by at Ikomi Road by ICE to Patronise her.

I remember how people always didn’t believe you are my little sister because of how exceptionally beautiful you are inside out as well. Some always think you are my girl friend particularly those who know me before meeting you and those am dating or about to date back then.
I remember school days at Abraka you added flavour to me all times and always at hand to support and help organise things.
You are actually my number one fan in all my endeavour from day one.
From day one we have been so close not just as a family being my little sis but as friends as well.
We easily agree on things for we are both of like minds.
What more can I say? You are a blessing to me and I know you will be of great blessing to your husband to be when you find him.
This day will not pass you by without delivering to you your blessings from above on this your special day.
Happy birthday 🎂🌈 my Iwere Finest and small mummy. Long life and prosperity, more life of celebration to you in good health and great wealth.
Congratulations 🥂🍾🎂
Only Cool guy headed gentle men who knows how to treat a Lady will come your way.


……NB; if you like my sister make sure you have pass the test of a gentle man o before you think of shooting your shot cos she has a lot of soldier guilding her, plus prepare your aza to see the Royal Family she is from.💯💪


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