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Now let me say a thing or two on this topic.
It’s a popular argument that people who are married don’t say their challenges or publicise it as they do with the beautiful stories of being married, that’s true.
This is because a lot of people will tell you go and get married, what are you waiting for but will not contribute a dime to make it happen, nor will they be there to support you after getting married when all the bills start pilling down on you tipical for men.
A lot will criticis you as though getting married is the ultimate goal in life without which you are nothing or you cant achieve better in life, that’s quite funny.

Married Couple

Hence today we have those who also takes turn to slam on those who are married saying they thought it was going to be easy and now they are complaining, therefore rush to ask; Bob how e be now?
And in the same vein takes turn to advice people not to consider or rush into marriage anytime soon as it’s not easy as the responsibility of being married is enormous.

Given these, people are either scared, skeptical or not ready to take the bold step for several reason which when considered can be justifiable as well.
And if you ask me everyonr who is of these arguments and opinions above and more are right in their own terms hence there’s no need to fight over who is right or wrong and there’s no need to judge neither group, married or unmarried for their decision or indecision.
it is their right and life thus both parties can’t be blamed, you can’t blame anyone for being married or for being unmarried just yet.

But the only fundamentals I want you to take is this
1.*It’s is very necessary never to rush into anything so you should take your time before making any decision whether of marriage or for any other endeavours.
2.* Some things are better early in life, early to bed early to raise, time is never our friend, it’s is better to start on time, than late. Because many a time while we try to wait for the perfect time or moment when all goals have been achieved as man or woman we miss it or end up late.
Particularly as we do not know how long we have to live on planet earth, I think early is better.
For the records; I am a Pro save the life and not the name. Don’t get me wrong, by this I mean having an elaborate marriage ceremony shouldn’t stop you from starting your life or family now and early, if the marriage is not coming as well have your kids and start wherever you are. At the end it is you alone that matter so if you die trying you die alone and if you win trying you win alone.
So society should not dictate when to start or what and what you have to do to start because some times you just have to start by your own term.

And you know I kinda like the second one a lot because the earlier you start facing life and taking responsibilities the better for you because at the end you will be glad you came or started on time just like arriving early to work or to a meeting or that special event, it gives you the opportunity to settle in on time before the rush.
Now for the challenges people point out in marriage it’s not false but an experience you will definitely face anyways which will eventually build you up having started on time, for such will not destroy you.
So that when some are just entering and nagging over some issues you have out grown it being experienced.
It’s not easy, it’s not easy, but when and once you start or have started you will find one way or several others to survive through and it becomes an experience to you because there’s no perfect world anywhere out there don’t be fool so it’s better to start facing that challenges now, and start building that home and family now while your still earl, but if you think you want a perfect world you can keep the search on it can be possible within your realm.

It’s never wrong being early. But take your time and don’t rush into it.
God bless us all.

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This is what everyone need for marriage.


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