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NO DEVELOPER LIKE HON. GODWIN EBOSA..WE NEED 12 OF HIS PERSONALITY IN WARRI KINGDOM…….Itsekiri Development Initiative challenges all Community and Public Office Holders to show Score Card

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Itsekiri Development Initiative challenges all Community and Public Office Holders to show Score Card

When the News of the developmental turn around that happened in Oboghoro and Utonlila first emerged a lot of us had no idea how deep such development was, not until we saw on ground with our own eyes a first account of the true nature of development the twin Community of Oboghoro and Utonlila had witness.

Before the arrival of this great work of development a close look at the communities showed communities strongly hit by huge degradation of Oil exploration and sea wave activities which has had adverse effect on most Communities along the coast line to which Oboghoro and Utonlila are no exception.

On the 14th day of December 2019 a Team of Delegate from the Itsekiri Development Initiatives visited Utonlila and Oboghoro Communities at about 12:00AM, to assess and ascertain the level of development on ground as have been reported previously during the commissioning of projects in the communities.

Legitgist|IDI Team Arriving Utonlila

Having being fed up with poor stewardship of most Political and Community Office Holders in the Kingdom of Warri, the Itsekiri Development Initiatives (IDI) had a goal to bring to the fore and for recognition the good developmental works of Community and political Office Holders who may have distinguished themselves in the development of our communities.

The Itsekiri Development Initiative (IDI) as a body believes that there’s the need to engage Public Office Holders Particularly those with links to our developmental funds not in the area of criticism alone but also in celebrating and showcasing those who have shown good capacity in the development of our Communities and ready to do more.

When the team of four made up of Mr. Terry Ajagbawa (who lead the team), Mr. Bright Omaghomi , Warami Daibo and Esigbone Omasanjuwa Lilywhite representing the Itsekiri Development Initiative (IDI) visited the much talked about Utonlila and Oboghoro they saw clearly that the two communities where wearing a new look to the amazement of all.

Legitgist|IDI stepping into Utonlila

We first made a courtesy Visit to the Olare-aja of Utonlila who was glad to receive us in his house which was equally built as part of the project done for the development of the Community. The Olare-aja spoke to us In Itsekiri saying he is very happy to receive us while placing a bottle of hot on the table and also try to enquire into our visit.
Mr. Terry Ajagbawa the Leader of the Team took time to explain to him that we are a team of concerned Itsekiris who has the pain of the Community and all other Communities of Itsekiri at heart and has decided to visit some of our communities with the aim to ascertain the level of development or under-development in these Communities in other to bring to the notice of those in position of authority at various offices of Government holding our common wealth for quick response where necessary and to also appreciate them where they have done exceedingly well.

Legitgist|IDI Team Having a Photo Session with the Olare-Aja of Utonlila










Mr. Terry Ajagbawa went further to note that, since the commissioning was done by the Governor of Delta State for projects embarked upon by Hon Godwin Ebosa during his tenure in office as Chairman of Board DESOPADEC he has not visit the community for a firsthand account of the works done for the Community and as someone who has been engaging the Honorable on issues of development in the Riverine Communities, it was necessary now to see what has been done.

And in turn presented a cash token from the team to the Olare-Aja of Utonlila

The Olare-aja of Utonlila thanked the team saying the mandate of the team is a good one thus has no argument as to the position of things on ground saying that words are not enough to appreciate Hon. Godwin Ebosa for all he has done for the Community and ask that we should not hesitate in lending our voice to thank him further on a job well done.
Mr. Terry also asked the Indigenes of the community present in the meeting with the Olare-aja to give insight into some challenges they face in the community, where they desire improvement, where possible and some of them opined that they feel strongly that one of the ways to secure what the Honorable has done for the community is to involve pilling of the shores of the community from sea wave destructive activities (shore protection) and help create some means of economic lively hood for the people of the community.
On this the team assured the people of Utonlila Community that their Suggestions will be taken to the appropriate quarter for response and promise to be in touch to create a connection to get genuine feedback and response while exchanging contact and pleasantries, the team left Utonlila for Oboghoro Community climbing the Steel bridge connecting Utonlila to Oboghoro community which is more open and closer to the sea shores.

Legitgist|Steel bridge built by Hon Godwin Ebosa

We saw a water treatment plant and power plant well fenced which caters for both communities, just as we went on to inspect other projects in the community of Oboghoro walking on a concrete walk way and path with some housing units well-structured, planned and spread along the concrete paths of the community showing a well-planned and organized community.

Legitgist|Water Tanks and Power Plant

While inspecting the Houses built for the Community we met the Youth Chairman of the Community Mr. Kemi popularly called GOC who equally asked who we were and our mission to the community and in same manner Mr. Terry Ajagbawa gave him some details as to the reason for the visit and before we could finish explaining what our mission was in the Community, the Youth Chairman join the team helping us tour round the entire community, where we also learnt of the ongoing project of Hon. Ebosa, a Personal Building where he wants to live with his family since he is always visiting the community.

Legitgist|IDI Team in the Street of the Housing Units built by Hon. Godwin Ebosa
Legitgist|Functional Primary School built by Hon.Godwin Ebosa

The Youth Chairman of the community also gave us insight into the Primary School Buildings we saw at Oboghoro saying the school is the only functional one in the area as of the moment that people bring their children from as far as Ogheye and Gogoegin communities to attend school in Oboghoro given the quality of education the school has brought which is a direct effort of Honorable Godwin Ebosa who has also employed more teachers from his company and deploying them to teach in the school.

Legitgist|Entrance of the Bar and Relaxation at Oboghoro

After all the works of inspection we finally had to cool off at a mini Bar and Hotel been built by some Associate of the Honorable to bring life and entertainment to the community. It was an Air Condition tight Bar well-furnished to the teeth and once we were inside we could not believe we were in a community on the shores of the Benin river (Odo-Okun) sea rather it felt like someone on the top floor of Sheraton hotels and suits somewhere in Lagos or Abuja.

Legitgist|inner View of the relaxation and bar

The Youth Chairman also intimated us that Honorable Ebosa has made it a tradition to bring in DJs and music bands every two weeks to light up the Community and that the next one has been slated for Christmas celebration as well as the New Year Celebration. The truth is we almost felt like lodging till the next day but we had jobs to do and off we left Oboghoro for Ogheye.

Legitgist|Ogheye Concrete Jetty built by Hon. Godwin Ebosa

Arriving at Ogheye we highlighted at the Concrete Jetty built by Honorable Ebosa Commissioned by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa the Executive Governor of Delta State, and took pictures of the Ogheye Flaoting Market (just like we have been doing) at the entrance of Uton Jorojoro alongside the Youth Chairman of Oboghoro Community who has fell in love with the team and its mandate. We equally visited the Vice Chairman of Ogheye Community who happen to be the Vice to Mr. Ayon Silver the Chairman of Ogheye Community and conveyed our mandate to him and why we visited, in fact the Youth Chairman of Oboghoro who came along with us took the baton from there and explained further. With a lite smile the Vice Chairman of Ogheye appreciated the team and thank the team for stopping by while promising of his support and synergy in same line of developing our communities.

Legitgist|IDI Team holding a brief with The Vice Chairman of Ogheye Community
Legitgist|Oghere floating Market under construction by state Government

With that said we set out to return back to base and while on our back we took a brief stop at Arunton Ebrohimi or Ebrohimi Community Junction stepping down on the Concrete Jetty we took some shots and our next stop over was Koko Town the LG Headquarter of Warri North to see for ourselves the Secretariat equally built by Hon. Godwin Ebosa while in office as the LGA Chairman of Warri North and took some photo of it and right there we took notice of some fishing boats with the name of the currently Chairman of the secretariat (Hon. Aduge) inscribed on it, lying free and yet to be distributed amongst beneficiaries in a similar way it has been distributed to beneficiaries at Oboghoro and Utonlila Communities during the commissioning of projects some months ago.

Legitgist|Warri North LGA Secretariat Built by Hon Godwin Ebosa

The Journey was peaceful, insightful and educating to mention the least we arrived Sapele at about 4:30PM at Ayon Water side behind Sapele Stadium. Funny a thing when we highlighted from the boat we walked majestically off the jetty and past the Honorable himself unknown to us until our attention was drawn, (thus a humble man he is) we then went back to him and expressing our happiness on what we saw on ground at Oboghoro and Utonlila communities while praying for sustainability, we wished, only if we had more like minds of his nature the entire Kingdom would have become transformed beyond what we have today.
He responded with a calm tune noting he is currently building his own Apartment (a Dublex that will be second to none we learnt) where he would love to spend most of his time during holidays whenever he visit and that he is going to celebrate this year’s Christmas in his community as usual and boats will be available to convey anyone interested in visiting for the Christmas Celebration.

The CNN may be well known for incredible news coverage and information dissemination about the World but that name may not be properly earned if CNN is yet to report Oboghoro. For News should not be about the Negatives alone but about the Positives as well.

It takes a great work to put a place on the map of the World and to do so, we must first start with putting the names of our communities on the map of our Local Government, State, Country and finally the World at large.

Today we talk about Calabar not just for its historical heritage but for the recent and intentional effort of development in tourism, establishing the name of the State and City on the map of the World as a Secured, economically viable and Tourist attractive place.
In return the State and City of Calabar has gotten some Billions of dollars revenue from Tourism for their Investment.

Oboghoro and Utonlila Twin Community is not a name so new to Most Itsekiris but its developmental stride is new to everyone who once knew the Community. And for some tourist and some people out there reading about the Niger Delta Region for the first time the name Oboghoro and Utonlila is something to discover and eventually when they do they would be glad they did.

More communities can be noticeable in Warri Kingdom and placed on the global map for the World to see just like Oboghoro and Utonlila but this will take distinct developmental features as have been put in place in Oboghoro and Utonlila Communities.
This may cost some Hundreds of Millions of Naira or Billions of Naira Investment but most importantly the cost of a Political will or Conscience from a very few and very rear Gem holding Positions of Authority (to our common wealth) in our Kingdom today, like Hon. Godwin Ebosa to do the needful.

Dedicated to all who desire the good and development of Warri Kingdom.


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