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The legit way of gathering and disseminating information that forms the gist.

Nigerian flag for legit gist
Nigerian flag for legit gist


We Must be sincere with ourselves given our current predicament in this nation, as no one with a right thinking mind will accuse the President of the federation for underdevelopment or lack of jobs when such person fail to interrogate the Governor of State where he/she is resident or where he/she is from

If you feel the Presidential policy is not in your favour, the reason Is because you Governor or state is not keying into it.
The Federal Govt has since preached economic diversification and implemented programmes to favour and support the agricultural sector on crops like palm oil and nuts, Rice, Cassava and cocoa to mention but a few, with CBN and Bank of Industry dishing out funds in loans to companies in these sectors in different state of the federation yet none is evident in delta state.

Of the 30billion naira disbursed by CBN to just the Palm oil sector Edo state has access and given access to 25billion naira for companies within the state and today Edo state host the only multi billion naira ethanol plant.

Okomuoil and pressco are listed Palm oil companies on the floors of the Nigerian stock exchange employing Edo people.
Oil mustn’t be crude alone, delta state has the potentials to enjoy the same level of attention and benefit in its agricultural sector but we are not getting that because we have continue to celebrate a vision less Govt in delta state.

You can’t have land for agriculture, swamp field of crude oil and yet not able to provide jobs for your citizen.
If you Governor is running away from the CBN Governor instead of discussing business with him then he doesn’t know what he is doing
If you are not feeling the Presidential impact of Governance blame you state Governor.

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