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Some years ago I was so keen to having my own website or blog; this was in the year 2011 after I graduated from the Uni and after some recent seminar on web design while also reading some E-Books about web design and how to make money online owning a website through google AdSense which I bought online.

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I tried creating something using internet explorer browser html but didn’t make much progress, it was a little difficult given I had very little idea about anything on web design, the other challenge I faced was finance for paying for hosting rights and possible domain name purchase.

Eventually I ended up with a free wordpress.com website where I had nothing to pay as everything is free even till date with a lot of already done work with plugins, theme and apps making the work easy, all I needed was to tweak the design a little through button of settings on the control panel after that, I just publish and am online on the world wide web, although not all area could be properly customize for example the domain name still carry wordpress before dot com. I ended up creating https://makemoneyolineandoffline.wordpress.com https://millionsnetwork.wordpress.com and https://rexbtony.wordpress.com

Now note, I blogged on a free wordpress mode for over 9years learning quite a lot about blogging with no one teaching me but I was busy teaching myself and learning on the job.

Today I am a proud owner of a paid and customized dot com domain web page https://legitgist.com that is now looking a delight and envy of many in the industry and those planning to enter into the industry. The most interesting thing about this is that I was able to get it done so cheap and affordable as compared to what I would have paid if am using a web designer/publisher but this is my story today and this is the story of http://legitgist.com in fact this story can be yours or you tomorrow but it all depends on you.

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Now having gone through my web page you have wondered how I did it;

I remembered how some of my web Visitors asked if I did it myself or with the help of someone? Some asked what theme I am using; others asked what hosting firm are you using? Your site load fast what is the secret etc. Now frankly having such website is obviously not rocket science rather its even easier than you think with proper guide and professional advice.

Again some question going through your mind now is ho what a beautiful website, this must be very expensive to create and technical as well but can I have a website like this? YES! is the answer you can now let me hold by the hands through it all.


A Laptop of or a very good Internet enabled Phone

Internet Connect.

A cheap Business Hosting right purchased (some of such purchases comes with a free domain name for life)

A Domain name if it was not given free from your purchase of hosting right


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Ok here is your answer http://www.mochahost.com/7899.html

click on the above link or copy and paste same into your browser to get access to the cheapest hosting right you can ever get reveal right here on https://legitgist.com the good thing here is this hosting purchase comes with a free for life domain name if you continue to renew your hosting right on time. once on mochahost look for th business host package it comes with free domain name.

 This above should solve your first problem so here you go;

 That’s the answer for all those asking where can I host my website at a very low cost and fast loading. Ok! That is it up there, enjoy and thank me later.


Now that’s not all, after buying your hosting right what next?

Yes of course you need to find your way round that stuff you know, creating a smart classic looking website is not all a piece of cake as you need a THEME that matches what your website is all about or represent.

You need to find your way round wordpress installation and finally the design and publications.

 All of these I will be available to answer and attend to if you are a member of my team……. Your question now is how do I become a part of your team; it’s Simple, all you need to do is to subscribe for a life time consultation for a token of $100,

with that you are rest assured of getting a beautiful website as good as mine and even better coupled with constant update, secrets, tweaks, and tricks on web design and blogging trends. Not only that as you will get a FREE PREMIUM THEME from me as my student.



After subscription or payment for the lifetime subscription remember to send me a mail via millionsnetworkblog@gmail.com so as to add you to the telegram group for onward training and insight.

Thanks and Cheers to your beautiful website and success.

Bright Omaghomi



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