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Dare Ladikpo

A special Anti Robbery team of the  Nigerian Police has Arrested one Dare Ladikpo notorious for hacking accounts using the SIM card.

While confessing his activities with hacking of phones and account he said a lot people think they secure their data particularly financial or account details by enabling phone locks on the phone.

He said we can still have access to your phone regardless of the security lock applied on a phone …….when asked how he and his accomplice carry out such crime.

He said all we need to do is get a hold of your SIM card and we are good to go.

Explaining further he said we work on the SIM using some codes which will enable us have access to your last bank transaction carried out using that SIM and once we have access we first buy airtime into the same SIM line which will in turn retrieve your balance from the bank since banks usually send balance alert as SMS to your SIM after every transactions. Then we are able to tell if there’s reasonable amount of money in that Account  so we transfer all of such funds to our own account where we can comfortably withdraw them.

When asked how he gets the SIM cards he said Sometimes we buy them from Rubbers or Pick Pockets thieves who usually have no use for it since all they want to steal is the phone while we are interested in the SIM. Sometimes we also go to the dump sites where bags are disposed to search for such SIM and then try them out.


Now from the above one can see how our money can be whisked away from our accounts using our SIM card so my Advice if you must lock don’t lock only your phone but lock also your SIM Card and once you lost your phone quickly approach your bank to change your lost or old phone number attached to your account for a new one.

You can also open two accounts one current account and one savings accounts such that only your savings accounts will be issued with ATM card and only that account should be used for your online or phone transactions while your main funds will be in the current account you only transfer a little from the current account to the savings account whenever you want spent as a petting and spending account.

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Nigerian security must do more

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Bright Omaghomi Okoroatsegor

It’s an eye opener

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Bright Omaghomi Okoroatsegor

With these happenings one has to be very careful

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